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Is there an adaptor for my camcorder that has separate audio and video jacks?

Question: I have an old Panasonic PV-L859 camcorder. i haven't used it for a while, but i have some tapes that i would like to transfer to either a macbook pro or a dell inspiron 1525. The problem i have is the cable coming out of the camera has separate audio and video jacks. I need some kind of adaptor to plug them into since i don't have separate jacks on my pc. What do you recommend? - Griffin.

Hi Griffin - thanks for posting your question, as I'd be willing to bet there are a lot of people in the same boat as you... especially parents who took lots of photos and videos of their kids growing up, and now technology has advanced so much that those older formats are no longer available.

​I wrote an article several years ago about using an EasyCap adaptor to transfer video from an old Sony camcorder I had at the time, but it will work with just about any camcorder: https://rickysays.com/convert-hi8-vhs-to-dvd

Let me know if this does the trick!


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