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Question: Even though I have set up profiles for my Blackberry Curve phone, I still do not receive email messages when its on. The phone rings but not when I get email at any of the email addresses I have set up.

Can you help?

Answer: I had this problem a while back with my Blackberry Curve, and the solution was to resend the service books - something you can do from your Blackberry using it's built-in web browser, or from another computer using Internet Explorer or similar web browser.

Open the Blackberry website (https://att.blackberry.com/ for AT&T users) and log in with your blackberry account info. Click the "Service Books" link and then click the "Send Service Books" button.

If you are experiencing difficulties sending or receiving email from your BlackBerry device, sending service books to your device will usually take care of the problem.

Question: I would please like to know the reasoning behind the auto signature message when you send an email or message from a black berry, such as 'sent from my black berry'

Answer: In my opinion the automatic signature is a way to let your recipients know that you're typing the message on a tiny keyboard and might make some mistakes. It also can explain why your reply might be abbreviated, or shorter than a regular email reply, because it's a little harder to type on a small Qwerty keyboard than a regular, full-sized keyboard.

Some Blackberry services like AT&T also use it as an advertising tool, where the default email signature is "Sent via AT&T Blackberry". That kind of bugs me, because I'm the one paying for the service, yet they're benefiting from the advertising!

Did you know you can change your Blackberry email signature very easily, and even remove it altogether?

Just follow the instructions in this article titled Changing your Blackberry email signature

I hope that answered your question, and thanks for stopping by the site!

Here are a few handy shortcuts for Blackberry email that most Blackberry owners just won't be able to live without.

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