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Backup and Data Recovery

Photos and files from my hard disk were corrupted and after recovery was done only a few were recovered. After recovery, the hard disk was reformatted. Is there any way I could still recover all the photos and files?

Gateway and other manufacturers no longer ship recovery discs with new computers or laptops, so you'll have to create one and I'll show you how to do that.

Question: I have a computer with a 20GB drive and would like to install a 80GB drive that I have, as the 20GB drive has under 1GB remaining. Can I use imagining software to copy all Programs, files, and folders (including system files) from the old drive to this bigger drive?

Backups are one of those things that I keep meaning to do, and now that I'm traveling once or twice a month as an instructor, I decided recently that it was time to implement a solid backup plan.


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