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How to set a custom ring tone for each contact on a Motorola RAZR

Question: How do I change the ring tone on my RAZR phone, and also how do I set a different ring tone for each of the contacts in my phone (so a different ring tone plays for each person in my address book)?

Answer: Configuring a default ring tone for your Motorola RAZR phone is fairly easy. Just select Menu –> Settings, and then select Ring Styles. Choose the second option, which ends with "Detail", and scroll to select the ring tone that you want.

Assigning a custom ring tone for each individual cell phone contact is a little more involved but still just a few menu clicks.

1. First, you’ll need to enable custom ring tones (referred to as ringer IDs in the Motorola user’s guide) by selecting Menu –> Settings –> Ring Styles –> Style Detail –> Ringer IDs –> On.

2. Next, you’ll assign a custom ring tone for each contact by first selecting the contact (Menu –> Phonebook) . Then, with the contact selected, press Menu –> Edit –> Ringer ID. You’ll see a list of ring tones on your phone, and you can select the one you want to ring when you receive a call from that contact.

This feature is very handy because it lets you know exactly who is calling even before having to look at Caller ID, just by hearing the ring tone that's set for that contact.

You can assign a ring tone clip from your favorite song to your special someone, or a ring tone that lets you know it’s your boss so you don’t make the mistake of answering it (if you have the kind of boss who is notorious for calling you after hours).

Have a favorite song that you’d like to convert to a ring tone?

If you have it loaded in iTunes, and have a little technical savvy, you can convert it to ring tone format for free using the instructions in this article: How to create free ring tones with iTunes.

Have a ring tone or iTunes song that you'd like to transfer to your phone?

You can transfer ring tones to your phone using email, bluetooth, or a usb data cable. Just follow the instructions in this article: How to transfer photos and ring tones to your cell phone

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