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Apple Drops iPhone Price to $199 and Converts Blackberry Fans

As you know, I've been a strong advocate of my Blackberry Curve and wrote an article a few months ago titled Five Reasons Why I Chose a Blackberry Curve Instead of an iPhone. I take my Blackberry everywhere, and am continually checking email, checking on my websites, finding my location on Google Maps with the built-in GPS, and loving everything about it... EXCEPT:

It's Internet speed is too (yawn) slow. EDGE (the network technology used by the Blackberry and many other mobile phones) is dull, and way too slow compared to the new 3G speeds that the iPhone will have come July 11th, 2008 when it's released to the masses.

I already know how fast 3G is from my Aircard that plugs into my laptop and gives me fast broadband internet speeds. That's what we'll have with the new iPhone.

According to Apple CEO Steve Jobs an 8GB iPhone 3G will sell for $199 and the 16GB model will sell for $299, and will come in white and black versions. You can buy these iPhone 3G models on July 11.

Dropping the price to $199 makes this a no-brainer decision (especially if they keep the lower monthly service plan that's always been less expensive than the Blackberry's $30 monthly rate).

GPS: yep, it's built-in.

Wireless: yep, and I didn't have wifi connectivity with my Blackberry (although they now ship the Curve with wifi so that's less of a comparison point).

Lastly, I have to admit that the iPhone just looks way cooler and far sexier than the Blackberry, and I loved the larger screen size - especially in landscape mode, which it automatically flips to when it detects that you've turned the iPhone sideways.

I'll definitely be in line for a new iPhone in July (unless my wife is nice enough to beat me to it and buy me one for my birthday).

UPDATED AUG 4, 2008: After realizing that the $199 price was an UPGRADE price and that I'm not eligible for the upgrade, well let's just say the idea of paying $399 for an iPhone was enough to change my mind and stick with the Blackberry Curve. Read more here: http://www.rickysays.com/sticking-with-my-curve-no-iphone-3g

Just to confirm, the new iPhone 3G can be connected to my PC laptop to use as a wireless modem to the Internet?

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