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How to add memory to a Samsung Galaxy

Samsung's Galaxy comes with 16GB built-in device storage, which is fine if all you do is check email, facebook, and take a few pictures. If you want to start watching videos or storing songs though, you'll quickly reach the 16 gig memory limit.

Fortunately, you can add up to 64GB of additional memory. I bought a 16 GB SanDisk microSD card yesterday for $19.99 at Best Buy, which is plenty for what I do with my phone, and very affordable. You can find even better prices on Amazon, like this 32GB card for less than $25.

To install the SD card, remove the rear cover by using your fingernail in the slot next to the power button.

Slide the microSD card into the memory slot above the battery, and snap the cover back onto the phone. You don't even need to power down to do it.

Be sure to get a Class 10 microSD card, as they're much faster than regular SD cards.

Your Galaxy will automatically recognize the new memory and will also ask you if you'd like to start storing photos there.

Tap "OK" to ensure that photos you take will be saved to the SD card moving forward.

But why can't I add a full 128 gigs to my S4 if the sd card is the same size as the 64-gig card? I want to have as much memory as possible because I was (lo that decade ago when I bought it) expecting Zune to keep manufacturing mp3 players and I hate the idea of either 1. Buying any apple product or 2. Not having the media I want from my existing library when I want it. I have several seasons of several shows and a whole bunch of music plus some movies and audiobooks. The Zune I got was the hundred-something gig capacity one and was almost full when they discontinued and it started not holding a charge (pretty much simultaneously).

Is there any way of tricking the S4 into accepting a 128-gig card or one of those things that is the same size as a 64-gig card and has a slot for one of those tiny 128-gig memory dealies? Or is there ssomething in the phone's programming that is "told" to search for and reject any attempt to so improve the product?

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