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How do I copy music to my iPad or iPhone from a CD or memory card?

Follow these easy steps to quickly copy songs from a memory card or CD into iTunes, and then copy the tracks onto your iPod or iPhone:

1. Importing songs from your memory card or CD into iTunes

Insert the memory card into your media slot, or your music CD in your CD drive and wait while Windows recognizes the CD and asks you what action you'd like to perform.

Select "Import songs using iTunes" and click OK to start the import. Windows will automatically open iTunes and start the import, converting each music track into an mp3 file along the way. If the import does not start after iTunes opens up, then click the "Import CD" icon in the top right of your iTunes screen.

The import will take a few minutes, depending on the speed of your CD drive, and iTunes will show you the progress for each music track. When the import is finished, you'll see green checks next to each music track in iTunes.

2. Copying songs from iTunes to your iPod

Now that your music has been imported into iTunes, you're ready to copy the mp3 music files to your iPod.

Plug in your iPod to your computer and wait a few seconds while iTunes recognizes it. You'll see your iPod show up on the left-hand side of your iTunes screen.

Click "Library" in iTunes and select your newly imported music tracks. You can press the Shift key while clicking each track with your mouse, until they're all hightlighted.

You can drag them over to your iPod, on the left side of your iTunes window. Or you can select Copy from the Edit menu, click on your iPod and select Paste from the Edit menu.

iTunes will copy your selected music tracks over to your iPod. Once the transfer has completed, just right-click on your iPod and select "Eject" from the shortcut menu.

Unplug your iPod from your computer, and enjoy your new music.

Uploading photos, videos, and contacts

You can also upload your photos, videos and contacts by using a software program like iMacSoft (which also lets you copy text messages from your iPhone to your computer).

iMacSoft loads your iPhone as if it were an external hard drive, and gives you tools for managing literally everything on your iPhone. It comes in versions for both Mac and Windows.

Take a look at the menu on the left side of each screenshot to get an idea of all the types of files iMacSoft can transfer between your iPhone and your Mac. It let's you transfer in either direction too, so you can upload songs and photos from your Mac to your iPhone, or download from your iPhone to your Mac.

If you're looking for a comprehensive tool for managing your iPhone files including photos and contacts, then iMacSoft is worth downloading and taking for a spin.

Thank you so much!!! I can now change my old music into baby's music. Expecting on august and I would like to have some relaxing music into my ipod that me and my baby can listen. I am happy thanks

Hi, i need help. i tried downloading itunes for a long period of time and it still doesnt work. A message keeps appering saying APPDATA. And i really dont know what this means

When I click "music" under "library" on iTunes, i don't get a list of songs, i just get a silver square with a music note inside it and underneath is the name of the CD i just imported. I only want 2 of the songs on my iPod. How do i download only the 2 songs to my iPod?

I just bought a CD and transferred it to itunes with no problems. However, even after syncing several times, the music will not show up on my ipod touch. What gives?

I have an Ipod touch and when I connect to itunes to the darn thing automatically syncs photos and wipes out the ones I have stored on the Ipod while replacing them with the new ones that are on the computer that I don't want on the Ipod. When I want to load some music on the Ipod it does this too, first it syncs the photos and then it syncs the music. So the music gets on the Ipod, but my photos I had on the Ipod are erased and replaced with photos I did not want on it! How can I get the music on and keep the photos that are already on the Ipod too?

i love your instructions, they're so easy to understand! but what should i do because it will not let me drag the songs into my ipod. now what?

I put in the CD like you told me, but nothing would pop up. I have itunes downloaded, but i don't have windows media player... will it still work?

sorry if i already posted this but i cant tell if i did or not but i have a notebook and copyed the cd tracks onto an external hard drive and now it wont let me put it on itunes. please help!?

when I try to copy cd to itune everything ok all checked etc but will not show time ie reads 0.00 so no audio available all tracks there though.

Our family has several ipods. I have cds that I would like to have all of the ipods be able to view and upload. Is this possible/legal?

If I already have music on my Itunes music playlist will ot get rid of that and download the CD's music if I put music from the CD onto my Itunes??

I downloaded the music from my cd to iTunes, that was fine.
I tried to download the files to my iPod Touch 3rd Generation, but it takes too long to download.
What's happening?

i put the cd in and nothing is popping up i have itunes and themedia player. there is no cd thing on my screen at all. how do i pull it up from media player

I'm loving it! My mum also needed help with this as she had a complete collection of CD's before she got her iPod. Thanks a lot!!! (Please post more on iPods)

the cd imports fine but when i go to drag and drop it over to the ipod it come ups with a no entry sign?

I am not able to click on the song and then hit copy and hit paste and it does not go onto my ipod. What now?

I followed all your instructions which were great. I put my CD in machine it played the music ok. However, when I saved it to the library in itunes it is only static. Machine went through all processes correctly and I even transferred all the songs on to my iphone successfully. I now have all the Adele Album 21 in static, and I no learn I cannot delete the songs off my iphone. Can you help!! why am I only getting static and how the hell do I delete them from my iphone. Really appreciate your help.

I have some cds which contains some of the same songs. Is it possible for me make a link in order save memory of not having the same song repeatedly downloaded?

Hello, i try and drag my songs to my ipod device but it comes up with transfer purchases to computer, i dont want to do that. What do i do please help me :/

I have a used ipod.. I got it from my brother, and when i go to put songs on my ipod it says something about someone already has a library. && whether or not i want to transfer the purchases or erase everything on my ipod. Can someone help me out?!? :)

Ummm.. I put in my CD and nothing popped up.. So now what do I do?!

Hi, I imported a language CD to iTunes so I could listen to it on my iPod Touch but all the lessons are mixed in with my normal music and I don't want to hear a lesson randomly when my songs are playing.
I put the lessons into a separate playlist on my iPod but they still appear in the "main" Music playlist.
How do I separate the lessons so I don't hear them with my normal music?

Thanks so much for these easy instructions! I tried putting music in my iPod touch, but it wouldn't work... I read this and it works like a charm! Ty!! :) I was worried I would have to buy every album I already had on iTunes

i downloaded a daughtry cd on my account after the green check marks and all that i
dragged the song titles to my account how do i get the songs on my ipod

I have tried to put music onto my iPod Touch from a CD but it does not work it says it is able to transfer to it but it never does. What do I do about it cause I need it on there.

woo, thanks for your post, I look for it for a long time.you need to copy them to the music file in the "my documents" folder, and connect the iPod. open "my computer" look for the iPod as a mass storage device or it might be labeled as Ipod. In my documents highlight the songs that you want, right click, copy go back to your iPod and right click on your mouse again and go to paste.we can also transfer music from ipod to computer

Or copy the CD to your computer,and find a program to convert the files to fit your iPod.
You can download it for free from Apple's website. When you put in a CD into iTunes, it will ask you if you want to import the CD. You say yes. When it is done importing, you can find the imported music in your library. You then can click on the song and drag it over to your iPod. It should highlight. After that your music is on your iPod.

once the music from the CD downloaded on my ipod, it said 0.0 for the time of it. How do I get it to where it will work?

Hi ricky i am new to importing, i-pod and pc's so please can you help, after importing cd on to laptop had no problem imorting on to i-pod but when i selected albums on i-pod a few albums split into separate files. If albums artists features extra artists every song splits so one song to one file. How can i import them as one album on to laptop add the on to i-pod under one albums ????..

when I try to copy the album then click on iPod and try to paste you cannot do it. The paste button is not highlighted and you can't click on it

The steps were so easy. I have a cd that my 2 year old loves on my ipod. Thank you!

I have downloaded all my c.d's into I-tunes, however do not have any option on the left side of my screen (or anywhere else that I can find for that matter) that allows me to drag songs to? I checked everywhere I could think of, actually everywhere available on the ITunes screen to find how to put onto my Ipod however nothing anywhere> I even purchased a song to see if it made any difference in case ITunes just wants money and won't allow it with be moved onto my ipod from the c.d's .... still nothing .... I have nowhere to drag the songs to? Now what? HELP !!

NOT EASY until I read about manual operation under summary and that did it THANK YOU!! xxxx


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