If you own a Blackberry, you know why they call them Crack-berries, because once you start using them you quickly become addicted to the instant email notifications, and the ability to easily type a reply from anywhere you have wireless phone service.

Question: Where do I connect the information cord to my PC? I know that I am probably using the wrong name for the cord. Can you help me?

Wondering how to convert your DVD movies into a video format that will run on your new iPhone or iPod?

I looked at two programs that rip DVDs into mp4 video format for both the Mac and PC.

Question: How do I transfer photos from Razr phone to Mac OSX? I'm really looking for something free and I hope you can point me in the right direction!

Question: I've heard of companies finding data that people thought they had deleted from their work computer. How do they do that? Might be good information in case I accidentally delete some important files from my home computer too!

Have you ever been midway through a software development project, and had your client request a change in features?

That never happens in software development - said no one EVER, right!? Because it happens pretty much all the time.

Happy New Year everyone!

Today is the first day of 2015 and it's a bright but cold day here in the Portland, Oregon area. It's also a perfect day to take down Christmas lights since it's not raining!

Have you ever needed to tell someone your current location, but weren't sure exactly where you where? What if you needed to call 911 for an emergency, or let the police know about a crime in progress?

Drupal lets you define just about any type of content you can imagine, using the Taxonomy module.

Still need Christmas cards that don't suck?

Then you need to check out Tiny Prints, who is having their best sale of the entire year...but it ends today!

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