Question: How do I unfreeze my Sony Xperia Z1 phone? I've tried turning it off but nothing happens. I've tried taking the sim card out but that didn't help either. How do I take the battery out of this phone? maybe that will work..?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is both tough and waterproof... traits the iPhone 6 seems to be struggling with right out of the gate.

One of the first things you'll want to do when building a new website is to pick a URL for your site - also known as a domain name. Here's how you can check if your domain name is available.

Question: I had 2000 pictures in my Samsung Galaxy camera folder on my external 32GB SD card and now the folder is mysteriously GONE!!!! I googled it and Samsung OS corrupts the folder and it just goes away...

Tired of that iPhone or just switched to an Android? Here's how to wirelessly transfer your photos, videos, and documents from your iPhone to your Android, or vice versa, using your wireless network with no data cables required.

Setting up a mail merge using Word and Excel is fairly easy and can save you a lot of money at the print shop by doing it yourself.

My wife and I bought a Sony Handycam about a decade ago, to capture video of our kids as they grew up. It records on Hi-8 video cassettes, and I needed a way to convert these analog recordings into digital movies and save them to DVD.

My son is a die-hard minecraft addict, who starts playing Minecraft every weekend morning at 7:00 a.m. He'd play Minecraft all day long, every day of the week, if I'd let him.

Videos taken from your iphone or ipad are imported into iPhoto when you sync your device to iTunes, but it's not very clear how to get those videos out of iPhoto.

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