Uploading songs, photos and contacts from your Mac to your iPhone requires the use of a software program like iMacSoft, which also has a lot of other features that let you transfer text messages, videos, audio boo

If you're selling your Mac or giving it back to your company's IT department, you'll want to protect your personal information by wiping the hard drive and resetting to factory defaults.

Direct messages can start piling up in Twitter, and I don't always have time to look through each message (especially since 95% of them are spam).

Here's an easy way to mark all Twitter direct messages as read, with one click.

Macs have a built-in way of letting you transfer files from one Mac to another using Airdrop over a wireless network connection.

Macbooks come with a built-in trackpad that you can press anywhere to manually "click" the mouse (with the mouse being your finger).

The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with 16 GB of memory, which is plenty to store thousands of high quality photos. Here are 3 ways to transfer those pictures to your Mac:

If you have several documents that you need to scan and convert to a PDF file, here's an easy trick that uses your built-in printer software.

I've been doing a little more travel lately for my new job, and I'm getting pretty good at slimming down what I lug around in my laptop case.

Most of the topics I've written about here on rickysays.com have focused on helping you solve your technology-related problems.

Today I'm writing about a way to use technology to solve your community problems.

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