Question: I'm running Mac OSX 10.9.5 and (Mavericks) and for some reason nothing happens when I click the Finder icon in the dock. This is driving me nuts because I can't access my files! Can you help me fix this??

Question: I'm getting ready to sell my laptop to someone on Craigslist, and want to be sure they can't use a restore program to access any personal files I've deleted. Is there a way to do that?

I accidentally deleted several photos from my iPhone a while back, and thought they were gone forever. It's also been several weeks since I deleted them, and I figured there was absolutely no chance I'd ever see them again.

Windows 10 comes with a lot of new features including the ability to customize the Start Menu more than ever before. Here are a couple handy things you can do to get your Windows start menu just the way you like it.

Question: I downloaded Win 10 on 7/29/15, because Microsoft told me my Dell Inspiron N5110 laptop running Windows 7 was compatible. Each time I started it up, the Win 10 logo came up for 20-30 seconds, and then the screen went blank.

There are dozens of websites that let you upload and watch videos online for free, provided you don't mind watching a quick advertisement.

Microsoft's Windows 10 upgrade is rolling out in stages to about 14 million machines, but you can avoid the line and upgrade now by following these instructions.

Windows 10 - Microsoft's new operating system that's free if you have a previous version of Windows - tracks everything you do on your computer.

Here's my question: I'd like to create a group online where I can invite people to join and talk about shared interests. I don't want to use Facebook because I know they just sell my personal data to marketers and advertisers...

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