I love my Comcast DVR because it lets me record all my favorite TV shows and then fast forward through all the obnoxious commercials.

For some reason the Snipping Tool in Windows Vista tends to frequently lock up, resulting in the familiar error message "The Snipping Tool is not working on your computer right now".

In this article I'll show you 5 easy steps for converting copy-protected DVD movies into videos using Wondershare's Video Conve

Question: I'm considering the new, WiFi challenged, Blackberry Storm.

Question: I ran defrag on my Windows XP box to hopefully speed things up, but it still left quite a few files that are fragmented. What gives?

Ever notice how Windows Explorer opens up to your Documents folder on Windows Vista, or the My Documents folder on XP?

Question: Windows seems to take forever to start up on both my computers, and some programs try to run everytime I start Windows (even though I didn't ask them to).

Question: Hi Ricky, I'm trying to install a computer game with the cd rom included.

Winzip has become the defacto standard compression software that's found on workstations and laptops around the world.

Have you ever seen a picture that you really liked while browsing the web, and wanted to set it as your Windows wallpaper? This article will explain exactly how to do this and where the file is saved.


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