I use my leather laptop bag every day to bring my laptop to work, and every day I put my phone charging cord in that bag nice and tidy... yet somehow it gets all tangled up by the time I arrive to work.

I've been doing a little more travel lately for my new job, and I'm getting pretty good at slimming down what I lug around in my laptop case.

I've built up a respectible arsenal of gadgets and devices while traveling around the world. Some are necessities, and some are just to keep my sanity on longer international trips.

I recently took a road trip from Portland to Seattle and needed to keep my laptop and wifi access point charged along the way, so I could finish up some work while my wife drove.

United Airlines now offers a technically advanced airport check-in option that let's you use a bar-code on your mobile device.

Question: I traveled a lot in 2009 and am wondering if my rewards miles and hotel points will carry over into 2010?

Answer: Yes and No - Redeemable miles roll over but miles that were accrued towards elite status do NOT roll over.

I'm enroute to Dallas, TX right now and it's a wifi flight with American Airlines. I'm typing... I mean tapping this post on my iPhone 3GS, after paying a nominal $7.95 fee for in-flight Internet.

I recently went to Zurich for a week-long business trip (training developers on Jive Clearspace). I knew I'd need to use my iPhone for a variety of reasons, such as email, web access, chat, and google maps.

The iPhone 3G will be my new travel companion when I leave for Zurich, Switzerland tomorrow morning (yep, I finally upgraded from my Blackberry Curve).


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