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On the popular social network, Instagram, you can see what people you follow have posted in a chronological list, and you are notified each time somone posts a photo.

You can carry a stack of expensive business cards with you, or you can save money and trees with a free digital business card on Community Scene.

Here's my question: I'd like to create a group online where I can invite people to join and talk about shared interests. I don't want to use Facebook because I know they just sell my personal data to marketers and advertisers...

Direct messages can start piling up in Twitter, and I don't always have time to look through each message (especially since 95% of them are spam).

Here's an easy way to mark all Twitter direct messages as read, with one click.

Most of the topics I've written about here on have focused on helping you solve your technology-related problems.

Today I'm writing about a way to use technology to solve your community problems.

Question: hi i have question, i just downloaded facebook mobile onto my blackberry and my friends have facebook on their blackberry but they get a little icon with an f on the top of their screen when they get a notification or friend request or me

Question: Most of my friends on Facebook are awesome, but there are a couple that I don't want to follow any longer, and one who tends to post offensive comments. How can I remove them as my friend, and will they know I've removed them?

It's easy to see photos and videos you've liked on Instagram, just by going to your profile page and tapping "Posts You've Liked". But if you want to view posts that one of your followers have liked, then it's a little less intuitive.

Instagram keeps track of the users and hashtags you search for, so you can easily find them again in the future. If you're looking for a way to cover your tracks or clear out your search history, just follow these easy steps.

Last week I took my family to Cabo for vacation, and we did one of those snorkeling cruises where they take all kinds of great pictures and then let you purchase the DVD of all the photos (which I did).


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