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Question: I'd like to put together some training videos for teachers in my district. It's just too hard to get everyone together in the same building, and too expensive to arrange travel for everyone in the current economy.

Have a video you've recorded that you're proud of or that you'd like to share with friends and family?

Question: Is there a way to download YouTube videos and save them to my computer, so I can view them even when I'm not connected to the Internet?

DVD movies can be converted to standard 3gp video format, which is the format used by video-enabled cell phones and other mobile devices.

Question: I'd like to convert my favorite commercial DVD movies into video format, so that I can view them from my laptop or desktop computer.

Question: I have a few DVD movies that I'd like to copy for backup purposes, and would also like to view them on my laptop when I go on business trips.


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