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Question: I have an iphone 4 that I recently upgraded to the new 5.0 OS from Apple, but for some reason it won't send or receive images in text messages.

Question: I have an older iPhone 3G and my contract with AT&T is up this month. I'm going to buy a new iPhone 4S for myself but is there a way to convert the 3G into a pre-paid iPhone?

Question: I downloaded the iOS 5.0 software for my iPhone, and ended up loosing all my pictures on my camera roll. For some reason they didn't copy over after the upgrade and sync was finished. Did I miss a step somewhere?

Question: I'm very desperate because my iPhone 3GS got stolen and now I am trying to transfer my backup to another phone, an iPhone 3.

Question: Can you configure an iphone 4 so that it always uses a wireless internet connection for web access when one is available, as opposed to using the iphone's built-in 3g internet access (and being charged for it on your mobile plan)?

Could you please tell me how to transfer the contacts from my iPhone onto my computer? I'd like to have them in my Outlook email program if possible.

Hi Ricky - followed your instructions how to copy CD onto ipod which was great and really clear.

iPhones show a battery meter at the top right of the screen, that shows you how much charge is remaining.

Question: My friend has an iphone and I have an itouch. Can his iphone somehow be turned into a wifi hot spot so I can connect through his device to the internet?

So you're a proud owner of a new iPhone - maybe you were even in the same line I just stood in to get mine this morning.


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