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Have you ever visited a website that showed you the same exact ad on every single page you visited? You quickly put it in your mental "IGNORE THIS" list, which made it basically invisible.

Linux and Unix-based systems have a built-in scheduling service called cron, that runs in the background and executes commands defined as cron jobs. Here's how to schedule a cron job to run every 15 minutes.

Centos comes with a powerful firewall called iptables, that gives you very granular control over access to your server.

In a previous life I sold and delivered technical training for Jive Software for several years, traveling around the world teaching Fortune 500 companies how to enhance their business using social.

One of the first things you'll want to do when building a new website is to pick a URL for your site - also known as a domain name. Here's how you can check if your domain name is available.

Digital picture frames are awesome. I have one at work, my wife has one at home, and we gave my parents one for Christmas this year.

Have you ever been midway through a software development project, and had your client request a change in features?

That never happens in software development - said no one EVER, right!? Because it happens pretty much all the time.

Drupal lets you define just about any type of content you can imagine, using the Taxonomy module.

I've built dozens (maybe hundreds) of websites over the past couple of decades and here's why I host exclusively with Hostmonster.

Quick Response Codes - QR codes for short - are matrix style bar codes that can be linked to a variety of data types, such as identification for airline boarding passes, and more recently, browser URLs.


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