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Question: How do I connect my Bluetooth wireless phone with my laptop, so that I can send and receive files?

Question: Where do I connect the information cord to my PC? I know that I am probably using the wrong name for the cord. Can you help me?

Question: I've heard of companies finding data that people thought they had deleted from their work computer. How do they do that? Might be good information in case I accidentally delete some important files from my home computer too!

Question: I need to have my notebook reconfigured but do not want to lose the programs. Can I move them to an external drive and then return them to my notebook as it is reconfigured? What is the best way to do this?


Having recently moved into an apartment while we wait for our new house to be ready, I had to set up my wireless home network with a Linksys router hooked up to Comcast XFinity.

Question: I noticed recently that my computer runs in the middle of the night. I turn it off before I go to bed, but it starts up at around 3 in the morning. What is it doing and how do I turn it off? Do I have a virus?

I upgraded my wireless home network this weekend from an old Netgear 802.11b router to a shiny new

Question: My dell 8400 tower went down, replaced power supply and ..nothing. How can I get everything off the hard drive, install into another tower, or take it somewhere to download to external drive?

Question: My computer is taking a really long time to shut down or restart - like a few minutes. Drives me nuts. Any solutions?

Question: My computer keeps locking up and runs quite a bit slower than it used to. Programs like Internet Explorer and MS Office freeze when I try to open them. Is it time to buy a new computer?


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