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Question: I recently purchased a Samsung Blackjack II. I have had it less than a week...there is so much dust that has accumulated under the screen and it is driving me crazy. I carry it in a leather case all the time.

Question: Your website is incredible - packed with info! Thanks for creating it.

Question: Does anyone know how to clean out the dust from underneath a Samsung Access cell phone? It seems to be coming in from the lower left side of the phone. Thanks.

I've had my Motorola RAZR V3 phone sitting in my desk for about a year now, after upgrading to a Blackberry Curve (which I recently upgraded to an iPhone).

Question: How do I transfer photos from my new LG Shine CU720 to my PC?

Cell phone camera technology is changing rapidly, and manufacturers are starting to bundle higher resolution cameras with their cell phones.

Question: "My cell phone lets me browse the web, so it seems I should be able to use that connection from my laptop. Is there a way to connect my laptop to the Internet using my cell phone?"

Question: How can i transfer my Videos taken/captured on my Cell Phone Sanyo M1 and transfer them to my PC? Your input will be greatly appreciated.

Question: I took my black Motorola RAZR phone with me to the beach a while ago, and somehow the wind blew a bunch of sand underneath the screen. Is there a way to remove the screen cover so I can clean out the dust?

Question: "It seems like the only way I can get pictures from my phone to my computer is to email them, which costs about 75 cents a picture depending on the picture size (at least with my Cingular wireless service plan).


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