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Question: hi i have question, i just downloaded facebook mobile onto my blackberry and my friends have facebook on their blackberry but they get a little icon with an f on the top of their screen when they get a notification or friend request or me

Question: How do i find the files for itunes on a macbook air to transfer to a memory card, to use in a blackberry curve?

Selling your Blackberry or just want to get it back to it's original factory settings? Here's an easy way to do it using a built-in menu option.

Find the Settings folder on the main Blackberry screen, and select the following menus:

Just traded in your Blackberry for a shiny new iPhone? Here's how to transfer contacts from your old Blackberry to your new iPhone, and without buying anything extra along the way (completely free solution).

We'll do this in two main steps:

Question: I occasionally want to take a picture of my Blackberry screen to explain to friends or coworkers how to do something on the phone, or to show them what a game looks like. Is this possible?

Question: I have some pictures I took with my Blackberry Curve that I'd like to copy over to my computer.

Question: How can I transfer my itunes songs and videos into my Blackberry 8330 curve?

Most Blackberry devices comes with a standard 3.5-inch headphone jack that let you listen to music from the built-in mp3 player.

But you can also listen to music without plugging in a cord, by using a wireless bluetooth headset.

If you own a Blackberry, you know why they call them Crack-berries, because once you start using them you quickly become addicted to the instant email notifications, and the ability to easily type a reply from anywhere you have wireless phone service.


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