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Today my wife was searching on Google for the Boo poem, so she could "Boo" one of our neighbors for Halloween (the annual tradition where you leave an anonymous "Boo" note along with candy on your friend's or neighbor's doorstep).

Last year I trashed on Norton because it failed to protect my home computers from Malware Alarm, and instead gave props to Panda Antivirus.

Question: Can malware or spyware do any real harm to my computer, or is it all just a bunch of hype?

Question: I have paid for the full version of Malware Alarm, but now I can't find the software on my PC. I paid $40 for it - can I use it or get my money back?

This article explains the vigorous test I used to compare Norton, McAfee, and Panda security programs. I wanted to find out which program was the best at defending my system against virus, malware, spyware, and system intrusion attempts.

The recent iPhone launch is being exploited by cyber-crooks for financial gain.

My home computer systems were both recently infected by the MalwareAlarm program, and I captured screen shots as it attacked my system - to show you the kind of grief this program can inflict, and also to demonstrate how to clean your system of malware

If you spend any time shopping on the Internet or reading email, then the answer to this question is most likely yes.

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